My silver hair transformation

From fried beige to sparkling silver hair

It took me 12 months to grow out my silver hair. You can read about my journey in my blog posts. A good place to start is here:

The first picture (with the dark, dyed hair) was about three months before my silver hair journey started in March 2021.

In the second picture, I had embraced the Curly Girl Method by March 2021 and was enjoying natural waves. Realising how important hair health is, I decided to grow out the grey a few weeks later.

Mini highlights to aid silver hair transition

Picture three shows me fresh from the salon in April 2021. The stylist added a few baby lights to lighten the red I had dyed it in picture two. I was adament they left the roots silver.

By picture four, you can see the silver is really taking root. This is May 2021 and I took to wearing my hair pinned up to show off the silver.

Pictures five, six and seven are similar time frames.

Picture eight shows my hair in July 2021 after a trim. Having my hair cut enabled me to focus less on the blorange and more on the silver. I remember this was a tricky time, so I wore lots of hair accessories to mix it up.

Pictures nine, 10, 11 and 12 are taken in August and September 2021. I had gone for a second cut and really enjoyed this shorter bob length as it was so versatile.

A pixie cut to help grow out the grey

In October 2021 (picture 11) I went to the barber’s for a pixie. I was fed up with the blorange and getting impatient. I loved this cut, and you can see from pictures 12 to 14 how much fun I had experimenting with hairbands and waves again.

Pictures 13 and 14 were taken around January 2022. This was a tricky phase of boy band curtains, where my hair was neither a pixie or a bob.

One year to reach destination silver hair

By February and March 2022 (final two pictures) my hair was a short bob. I had another trim at the barber’s to neaten it all up.

The journey continues, so please see my latest blogs for updates.

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