Dear Anna – silver hair advice for my younger self

Imagine if you had a time machine and could revisit your younger self. After admiring the elasticity of your skin, the unmistakable glow of youth and a visible waistline, your eyes (now bespectacled, in my case) focus on a glossy head of naturally brown hair. The kind…
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Poem – My Hair, Dyed

Introduction I wrote this poem as an apology to my long-suffering hair. It’s endured much abuse over the last 30 years or so (since I discovered my first grey at 19). Highlights, straighteners, perms, bleach, ammonia, tongs, heated rollers, hair stripper – to name a few of the torture methods. I have fine hair, so when I stepped up my highlighting routine to cover the grey, every five weeks, my poor hair gave up the ghost and snapped. I’ve previously…

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Poem – The Glittering Prize

Introduction This poem was written as a companion poem to my silver hair transition blog post: It charts the first year of my silver hair journey, month by month. The journey (or epic quest) begins with the usual weekly silver roots shining through. It continues through those tricky months of five to seven, and ends with the pure joy and acceptance of my silver hair growout. As I write, I’m 18 months into the growout, and still…

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Obsessed with silver hair

Obsessed with Silver Hair (a poem)

Introduction This poem was written as a companion piece to my previous blog about being obsessed with silver hair: It is designed to be a tongue-in-cheek poem about my growing interest in silver hair, which includes hair colour, clothes, accessories and soft furnishings. I’m definitely contemplating a silver car, too… I hope that you will relate to some of this, fellow silver sisters. What started as a slight interest in silver hair has now become another passion…

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10 signs you’re obsessed with silver hair

First it was the silver hair. Now it’s the clothes, accessories and makeup. I’ve hit peak silver. I’m one sequinned shoulder pad away from being a member of Kiss on the 1977 ‘Love Gun’ tour. The obsession started gently, at the beginning of my transition: a folder…
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Andie, I Think I Love You (a poem about silver hair)

Introduction I decided to write this poem about Andie and her silver hair as a tribute to the actress and her amazing silver hair. I’ve been a fan of Andie and her incredible hair for a while, but it was while watching ‘Maid’ on Netflix that I really became aware of just how wonderful her silver curly hair looked. I’d already written about Andie’s transition to silver hair and how we should all take a leaf out of her book,…

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