Silver Hair Transition Pt 3: One Year of Silver

My epic quest to silver hair takes part over three installments and 48 years. You can find part one here: And part two here: And, if you’re still awake and on board, this is the third (but not final) part. In March 2021, I decided to see what would happen without hair dye. Would the world stop turning? Would I have a complete meltdown? Would ‘The Walking Dead’ ever finish? I was hooked on…

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Silver Hair Transition Pt 2: Curly Girl to Silver Sister

It only took me 47 years to embrace my natural wave and silver hair. You can read about the first part of my silver hair journey (well, it was more of a box set of The Hobbit trilogy, featuring Gandalf the Calico and a quest that made forging rings in the furnaces of Mordor look easy) here: The Curly Girl Method In February 2021, I discovered the Curly Girl Method (CGM) – a hair care movement that…

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Silver Hair Transition Pt 1: the first 47 years

I was just 19 when I captured the lone silver hair standing wirily to attention in my crop of dark brown hair. “Oi! look at me,” it goaded. How on earth could this be? I was still in the first glow of youth, navigating tampons and the plot lines of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, way too young for grey hair. I mean, what would Brandon think? Silver hair in my teens I’m not sure why I was so surprised. Both my…

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