Obsessed with Silver Hair (a poem)

Obsessed with silver hair


This poem was written as a companion piece to my previous blog about being obsessed with silver hair: https://shinyhappysilver.com/2022/07/24/10-signs-youre-obsessed-with-silver-hair/

It is designed to be a tongue-in-cheek poem about my growing interest in silver hair, which includes hair colour, clothes, accessories and soft furnishings. I’m definitely contemplating a silver car, too…

I hope that you will relate to some of this, fellow silver sisters. What started as a slight interest in silver hair has now become another passion of mine, to the extent that I now write blogs, poetry and other musings about my new hobby!

Please do leave your comments about your own silver hair obsessions, and remember to sign up to the site so that you never miss a post!

Obsessed with silver hair (a poem)

Since I turned silver, I have to confess, it’s changed how I look, what I watch, how I dress.

My wardrobe, once drab, decidedly black, is now so metallic, ‘Star Wars’ wants it back.

Gandalf the Grey has nothing on me, I’m the silver chemical symbol, Anna-Ag.

And who needs a novel when you can just swipe silver hair groups night after night?

I spot silver hair when I’m out and about, pursuing a shopper, ‘hey silver sister,’ I shout.

I bore my husband on the grey hair movement, I set him a quiz, but there’s room for improvement.

And then there’s the recurring nightmare. The demon barber straps me to the chair, applies ‘Chestnut’ box dye to my virgin hair, slathered in average when I’d grown out rare.

I’ve hit peak silver and my conversation orbits the loss of hair pigmentation.

Hobbies are nice, but I’ve gone too far, with a ‘5II VER’ number plate on my new car.

Silver’s my colour, I wear it with pride, duty bound to the me I tried to hide.

Silver’s my colour, although what you see, is the colour of confidence, authenticity.

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