Andie, I Think I Love You (a poem about silver hair)


I decided to write this poem about Andie and her silver hair as a tribute to the actress and her amazing silver hair.

I’ve been a fan of Andie and her incredible hair for a while, but it was while watching ‘Maid’ on Netflix that I really became aware of just how wonderful her silver curly hair looked.

I’d already written about Andie’s transition to silver hair and how we should all take a leaf out of her book, in terms of finding our ‘shiny, happy, silver hair’.

You can read Andie’s original interview here:

The companion blog to accompany this poem can be found here:

I hope that you share my admiration for Andie, and that you enjoy reading this poem.

Please be sure to leave a comment and to share your thoughts on this poem. I’d love to hear your feedback, thanks.

Andie, I Think I Love You (another poem about silver hair)

She’s a natural, Andie MacDowell,
Whereas I apply make-up with a trowel.
She’s 5ft 9, I’m not quite 5ft 2,
Her legs are long, mine never grew.

Andie: model, curls, southern belle,
Anna: Midlands, frizz, too much gel.
She’s kissed Emilio Estevez and Gérard Depardieu,
I snogged on the Teacups at Drayton Manor Park and Zoo.

She’s graced the covers of ‘Vogue’ and ‘Variety’,
My letter was almost published in ‘Bunty’.
‘Greystoke, The Legend of Tarzan’ she was in,
Now ‘Greyhair, The Legend of Andie’ – with Jack Martin.

I had nothing in common with lovely Andie,
Until I put Neflix’s ‘Maid’ on TV.
Silver sparkles, pause the remote,
Where can I buy her Penny Lane coat?

Her legs are as long as my entire frame,
And Hugh Grant won’t ever woo me in the rain,
There’s one bond connects us, Andie and me,
Having silver hair makes us both happy.

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