Poem – The Glittering Prize


This poem was written as a companion poem to my silver hair transition blog post: https://shinyhappysilver.com/2022/04/28/month-by-month-one-year-of-silver/

It charts the first year of my silver hair journey, month by month.

The journey (or epic quest) begins with the usual weekly silver roots shining through.

It continues through those tricky months of five to seven, and ends with the pure joy and acceptance of my silver hair growout.

As I write, I’m 18 months into the growout, and still have some stubborn dye on the ends.

The journey is continuous. Every day brings something new, because silver hair is so uniquely yours.

I spent so may years (nearly 30!) resenting my silver hair, without realising just how much I would come to love it.

I hope you enjoy reading this poem. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the Comments section.

The Glittering Prize

Month one: silver glints in the sun,
The great hair experiment has begun.
Could I really do this? Should I? Could I see,
What lies underneath, growing up to me.

By month three demarcation line inching,
Deliberate, harsh, unwavering, unflinching.
‘When are you dyeing your hair?’ others say.
‘It’s most unattractive. You’re too young for grey.”

Month five is here, and I’m toughing it out,
half and half hair, moments of doubt.
Multicoloured, orange, silver and brown,
Sounds pretty, unique, but it’s getting me down.

A turning point, months seven and eight,
As I go boldly to expedite
The silver growth. Goodbye to the old,
Hello pixie cut, silver and gold.

Approaching a year, silver to my ear,
Consumed by joy, not sold on fear.
Love the new me in more ways than one,
The beige that I was is now almost gone.

One year in, a milestone, a feat,
My metamorphosis nearly complete.
Crowned in silver and finally free
From all of the boxes of toxicity.

One year of waiting with patience and steel,
As layer by layer, silver unwrapped to reveal
A great reward, a glittering prize,
Was right here, under her eyes.

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