Poem – What Will Happen?

What will happen if you ditch the dye,
If you give your natural colour a try?
If you fly in the face of outdated notions
That youth is preserved by toxins and potions?

What will happen if you say “I quit!”?
A conscious uncoupling – because you’re worth it.
Your glow comes from outside of the box,
It knows no number, it’s never low in stocks.

What will happen if you forget to attend,
Your weekly session with ‘Chestnut 634’ this weekend?
No longer held to others’ standard of beauty and youth,
Just your own uncompromising, glorious truth.

What will happen if you invest your time instead,
On being happy inside and outside of your head?
Because you’re worth more than a slogan rooted in panic and money,
More than ‘Platinum,’ ‘Raven’, ‘Mahogany,’ ‘Honey’.

What will happen if you take control
Of your future self, of your very soul?
You might be relieved, empowered by mutiny,
Freed from the captors of intense colour and scrutiny.

What will happen if you say: “I’m done!”
Will the world stop turning? Will your loved ones be gone?
The myths that they market are built in sand.
Your individuality is the greatest brand.

What will happen? You can decide,
But let me tell you, it’s worth the ride.

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